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Vote: Private Messages

Would you like Private messaging in the game. 

Help us decide. Have your say.

51 people like this idea

Please feel free to reach us at for any queries or assistance.

 Private/non-private....doesn't matter...however, I would like to see our messages NOT disappear...and stay until we decide to delete them.

That would be so great!

Thanks...Happiest of Holidays to all Dev's!

Yes Its a good idea. But not at the cost of slowing the game down
Do not add this feature. Can't imagine what the lag Time would increase to. Most players use alternate app for personal comms anyway.
Yes on private messaging
Private message sounds cool

Please email the issue you are facing to


They already use KiK. You would be adding a wasted expense to the game.

No,u don't need pvt messaging bcs it would be a lot of spam u have a lot of guys who spam female's walls so that won't be a good idea.

Private messages that would allow images to be sent please.
Yes that would be awesome to many peoplelurking on my wall lol
I think private msg is only a open way for bully, sexuall and other insulting messages. So my vote is no for private msg
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