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Vote: Private Messages

Would you like Private messaging in the game. 

Help us decide. Have your say.

51 people like this idea

They already use KiK. You would be adding a wasted expense to the game.
Yes cause most people don't have. Kik or other ways to communication with close friends about personal matters and etc


I do use kik and palringo but instead of opening another app and using more memory and data for people not on wifi it would be less of a hassle for pm in game
Anyone wanting private mesages for BattleCry should just use Line App, Kik Messenger or Palringo... no need to add pm mesages in BattleCry itself.
I vote yes.

I would like private, but unfortunately it would lead to more system slow downs! This feature would also increase the cyber bullying and the racist attacks on some, and of course the derogatory content displayed and furnished by some....So NO unless you come up a way where it will not slow down or cause additional issues that we are currently facing in game.... Also, how will this be monitored so pm's say compliant.

We don't need another Palringo.


Private message sounds cool
Like the idea problems with spamming in a private message probably wouldnt be no different then all the spamming in sb. I say yes on private messages.
Yes I think private messaging would be great..
I think private messages is good to get help in when you need help with players farming you. It can be helpful to your mob clan. Not only to those in your gang.
I would love to know why my account got banned, Devs. I'm clueless. I just loaded my DoPeU RU 209 (648239557) account and it was banned with unknown reason. I wasn't warned of anything either. This is not fair. I've spent lots of money supporting your game. I'm one of the loyal players and still get banned and with no warning posted on my wall.
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