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Strength and defense calculation

I would like to have a way to see how strong I am by having my mobs + highest weaponry assigned = calculated strength and defense.

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If Jim can find a way to do it in a good way, I'm all for it.

Just printing out the attack power and the defense power will be pretty useless if you don't have anything to compare it against.


Your attack: 55630

Your defense: 49303

- Ok, that's... good?

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

Thats à good idea éven if you cant compare. But add the posibility to see opponents stats when attack ing them or just on profiles
Its been a long time since I left that last idea but I'm still for it. I don't need to compare it to anything. I think it just makes ppl feel better just to know. And also, I'm a gang leader. I think we should know how strong out members are. Just like you have it where we can see each others stats with in our gangs, we should be able to see the total attack strength and defense also...

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Great idea 

I think it's a good idea if you can see you fellow gang members' attack and defense strength, but not your enemies'. It takes away the risk and guesswork. It's also unrealistic. You shouldn't know if your enemy has something up his sleeve or if he's bluffing.

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Have to agree with this one. It would be nice to at least have a base total mob attack strength and defensive strength number posted on people's profile in some form. Leave the attack skill point modifiers private only to the player like it already is, but knowing what a requesting players base stats are before you accept them into your gang, or even knowing an adversaries raw strengths could be nice to know


Calculator- and clean out your gear so it is not a buffet

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I am new to this game I downloaded it at years ago but I hadn't been playing I just went back to it I did a reset but I'm still having problems loading my armory I've been putting more armory up trying to get power and defenseit says I can only equip 552 but I have a 1834 still adding I want to put some more powerful stuff up but I want to delete the lesser value ones will that help me any or am I just wasting my time please help

How much you can equip and use in attacks depends on your level and the number of Bosses, Mercs you have. If you still need help write to us at and we can explain. 

Also, you may join our official FB forum to learn more from other players.

See, I need a calculation of my total attack and defensive power on my WEAPONS SCREEN- So I can see how my build is affected when arming AND Disarming my gear, mercs and ESPECIALLY skill point implementation- "Build Calculator" Aaron / thachief420

We have taken note of your response and will look into the possibility of implementing it.

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