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Hitlist Cap

I have been playing for a few months now and i have noticed the disadvantages some have, ill start off with the hitlist, of course you know you can only hitlist someone a certain amount of times perday, well ive noticed my gang members who are lower levels get hitlisted alot by higher levels and due to the hitlist cap they are left defensless even lower levels are safe, so practically this means if someone cant attack their not going to eb able to hitlist the person either, basicly saying ok you can keep hitting me because i can't retaliate back, this is very unfair there should be no caps on anything if we have the money to do it, why do we have to sit back and take the hits? i hope this was understanding enough because the hitlist cap really needs to go. VOTE TO REMOVE HITLIST CAP

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I agree with the hit list cap being a problem for a few different reasons, being that if someone lists you and you want to list that player back if they have already been hit listed to the max listing, you have to wait til the next day with the hopes that the player is not maxed out again or if I am being attacked by a player with a higher level, I would go and hit list them. Plus I feel as tho some people will take full advantage of this because if they are hit list maxed then they will continue to attack me as there will be nothing I can do to retaliate against them. It is not fair, that I can only hope that the player I want to list is not MAXED OUT to be hit listed. Please consider this suggestion of removing the cap of how many times a player can be hit listed. Thanks

i agree 100% with this

I don't agree to zero caps, but they do have a point. A good compromise would be this - keep the cap as it is, but it can be over ridden by the number of times someone is in your rivals list. This prevents unwarranted hit listing but allows for more if the person is attacking you. So if I reach the limit, but some has attacked me six times and won, I can list them six more times. Each listing removes one hit from the rivals list. These special hits could only be accessed through the rivals list.
I think marc jackhimer has a good idea there, keep the cap to stop bullies listing you all day but use the rivals list for extra hits so people can still use it as a way of defending themselves

Marc that is a great idea, i just hope the devs will take this advice and balance it out.

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