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Need more Raw Mettle Turfs

We need more raw mettle turfs. There is only 1 raw mettle turf which Is a joke. Theres like 5 no holds barred turfs. Either swap a no holds barred turf for a raw mettle turf or introduce a new turf with raw mettle tactic. Iv said this many times on devs page without getting any form of acknowledgement.

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We have a new update coming in which will have new turf in CHICAGO and we will include another RAW METTLE turf In it.

Yes, only one the other day when i went in there. Seems a bit anti-non-diamond players
I would like to see more raw mettle turfs as well.
I agree we need more raw mettle cant make all about the diamond players they all ready have the advantage cause of there money just sayin give a little
O and just so ya know its bad billy

I've seen this has been implemented, which is great.  How about a 3rd Raw Mettle Turf :)

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