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All In to many times playing poker.

Tell me what you think. All in every hand should be banned that's not playing poker. It's boring and takes the skill and patience out of playing.

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Thank you for your feedback, you may please write to us briefing any ideas for the improvement of game.

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Love the Poker, but i agree there should be a script to limit "all in" wins. Real play mode.

Poker Legends is a variation of the standard poker card game and provides you with a unique poker experience. All our tables are designed to deliver a perfectly balanced game flow to every user. Our professional testing team is regularly monitoring all areas of our game to ensure it's a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone. There is a feature included in the game, which you can access by clicking on the cards button that is found below the chips button on an active table [left side of the screen, vertically aligned buttons]. Here, the order of the combinations is listed based on the priority of the reward pool.

Please use the MY REPLAY and FAIRPLAY STATS features from the menu drawer to better understand the game. The part 'Frequency of 7-card poker hands' can be matched against our daily 'Fair Play Stats' on probability.

If any suspicious situation is found, please use the MY REPLAY feature (once the replay is done playing, click on MORE >

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