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Tournament suggestion

I suggest that tourney start times should vary and be less frequent and be shorter. For example at moment tourneys are every Friday till Tuesday. How about Friday to Sunday then Monday to Wed... Wednesday to Friday etc. The start time also should vary to make it fairer for other time zones. At the moment the tourney has lost its appeal and is too long and to frequent. Shorter power tourneys will encourage teams to go harder over the shorter term. The current goals up to Demi God are quite difficult to achieve without being how should i say... imaginative. Higher payouts and lower targets will encourage more effort in my opinion. Every week in current format it has become stale. We need more ways to have wars. The seeks are too limited for higher alliances and the TD wars are mostly fake and not used. How about this idea... if a player or players from alliance A attack and decimate several players from alliance B then alliance B can rettaliate by not only counter attacks but launch a war against alliance A. This is a team game and a war game. Taking an alliance to war over attacks from a player would be a great way for more wars and do not restrict to one retaliation in 24hrs or have level restrictions either. If alliance A hits alliance B players to decimation then alliance B should be able to take them to war and challenge the whole team to a war. Opinions welcome.

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Lot of good input Mark and agreed about tournament length and especially frequency. Good suggestion!!!
Also consider awarding points to the top performing alliances and player's, then giving an annual reward to the best performers of the year. Gold, special arsenal, something to generate more interest in playing the tournament year round. The scoring would be similar to how NASCAR awards points each race or how track and field teams qualify for district and state meets. There could even be a special end of year tournament for only the top 20 alliances to participate for special prizes and/or rewards. Let us get the most out of the gold we're spending, bcuz as is the prizes just not equivalent to what we could be making using it elsewhere.
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