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You are Restricted from writing on this feed

I can't even write on my own wall to post. I always followed the rules. I never has this problem before. Please Devs. Let me write on my own wall to post like everybody else on Downtown Mafia. I writing on my wall yesterday to post. But I can't now. Please fix this error.

I need to know why i can't post on anyone's walls i,have not done anything wrong

Please forward you Mob Code

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Devs please tell me what i,did wrong if I can't post on walls then it's time,to,quit the game i,can't get codes so after playing this,game over 2 years I may have to quit I have never had any problems with you people cheat in the game and you let them keep playing thier a gay named murder spree that goes on people's walls and calls them bad names and tell them that he will find them and Kill them in real life so please fix my account so I can post on walls and play the game thank you.....
Devs I've been restricted by you I don't know see why I can't even mob up or write on anyone's feelings wall let alone my own wall this is ridiculous and I deserve it an apology also it's been like this for 4 days isn't it that enough torture I mean come on man whoever I was arguing with deserved it for he was doing the same but my obscene words were coded anyways I can see and remember to what I posted compared to my enemy's I his is still on his wall clearly and spelled in full. I would appreciate it if you can undo this stupidity if not I'm thinking this game isn't really worth spending money 9n no more u messed up my gameplay for nothing but really
I'm with Alvin me also a 2 yr account and this b.s. check others and their harassment's u know what I erased so much of it from the others and looked over it and didn't know feel harassed cause it's childish to do what u did bro, peace be with you
I didn't know you couldn't write on walls like that like I'm sorry for writing what I wrote on my wall and I it won't happen again if you let me post on my wall it will not happen again I promise that if it happens like that again you can ban me off the game I'm sorry for writing that on my wall so can you please let me write on my wall
cuz I really enjoy playing the game I like the game a lot like and it keeps me occupied on my phone I like to talk to my friends on there
Why is my income not increasing when I buy properties?
Plz can I have permission to write on walls
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