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Base/State Collects

I would like to give a suggestion which can terminate the use of auto clicks on base/state collects. Plus it will also bust the players who use auto clicks, because it is not possible for one account to collect constant 14-20 hours on a state/base.

If devs please add a CAPTCHA test right after someone collect cash .  What it will do is, if an account is using such cheat then it will not be able pass that test.

Main point is that this test should only appear after the cash has been collected so it can bust the auto clickers. Or either it can be added once someone click the collect button, if a person himself collecting the cash then he will pass the test definitely but if not then system can simply suspend that account.

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good suggestion

 great but trouble in period of war(tournament) and especially time to loosing base state from war and collect in last seconds.but not bad idea.

the bad is devs dont check the game dont care about our ideas.the game is over.maybe devs play other game and not login for few months LOL

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