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Fix dtm #list of suggestions

These are just some ideas/suggestions from players 1. Boycott ticket #49901 2. Attract more gangs to hold turfs/ops...reward them for their collects, the amount of turf collects already on each profile 100 turf collects give you a special item, 500 another item etc? 3. Improve cartel feature, all cartel gangs warring each other in DMs 4. Set up timer when dm doesn't fill fast enough like 10 min 5. Remove colors for hnr's 6. Remove hitlist restriction 7. Combine setup turf wars for example nhb/undead 8. Ops missing 100 posse and riot add them 9. 2x button has to go 10. Make an option to change the color of cartels without disbanding 11. Lower the diamond price introduce value packs 12. Make tournament interesting maybe win Google card/iTunes (real cash) or increase the diamonds per tier

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More suggestions thank you King Leonidas
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All great ideas.

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