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Your surrounded

Allow players the opportunity to vote to 'surround' an opponent. When the 6th person votes to surround a player that player is surrounded and in no retreat mode for five minutes. A player can be surrounded once per 12 hour period.

How's that a good idea? LMFAO Surrounded ok so if this option or idea goes thru.... can we have a notification of what's going to happen then I want a suicide button that blows us all up and renders all accounts useless for 30 mins, cmon I'm sure your main wouldn't like that, hahaha
yes then each of the 6 willspend an equal cut of their ammo to gain an equal cut of the loot and then they're dead and in retreat, and it'll count for one loss like strike list and no it won't refill their health beforehand so if it ends up being one loot that's all the 6 get along for unsplit exp for each of them
You guys are on drugs, ok let's add more to this stupid idea.... It should cost the person who wants to do this surrounding 2gold a piece, the person that put this idea up can't toss n bat no more.... He can't transfer cash..... So coming up with dumbass ideas to make his acc better lol
I've just seen its been deferred just hope you don't comeback to this when you've ran out of real ideas hahaha
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