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Reduce fake wars make tournament fair

At the moment during tourneys the same thing happens to every alliance. Alliances team up and many big alliances have mini accounts in feeder alliances. So what happens is the same alliances continually friendly war against each other to gain points. Then the mini accounts will war the big alliances for easy points for example ; during the heat mode yesterday ZT had 8 wars against an alliance called Not your alliance prestige level 40 nobody from Not your alliance hit back and ZT because they prestige 60 and Not your alliance prestige 40+ they take 1400 tourney points from just these wars. It happens in most alliances and ruins the tourney. My suggestion is in a 24 hr period is it possible after 1 win you can not take points from repetitive wars? Also the higher the prestige alliance you should be on a downward sliding handicap for scoring points to make it more competitive for other alliances. Higher prestige alliances have to war much less to achieve the higher tiers surely it should be the other way around.

other solution is more tier for example every 5 level prestige diferent tier and no t only 4 tier.
this solution fix many problems
Stop fake wars by only giving points to first place and limiting to 3 team entries. Have set time for it to fill and if it doesn't, TD rotates to next choice and kicks everyone out that entered. Limit to 4 daily win or lose.

As of now, you can challenge an alliance only 1 time in 24hrs... should take care of the repeat war issue.

Theoretically td rules changed and made it only beneficial to the clans that fake war get the best of it they control all alliance and can get them to 80% if they wanted or one clan gets all the points regardless
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