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Stop camping

 I have an IDEA to stop being camping, seen people having LORD or BARRON below level 100, which is not even possible if you dont do camping for more than 6-months, which is complete waste of time and resources.

My idea can help can help for stopping this CAMPING stuff.

IDEA:- Player have to have use minimum 60-70% income occupied in any kind of gears or else still he would get 20-30% of his income and rest will be discarded from his account. And this should be on cycle of some fixed time frame like 6 or 12 Hours. So that all player will  have to have use his income for gears or money will lapes.

So if set for 6 hours you're saying that you would set an alarm to log on & spend your cash so you wouldn't lose it... even if you just fell asleep... Sorry but I doubt that. It is possible to reach those higher incomes without camping for that long if you do things right & have good luck. With what you're saying that means that there's NO way I could have even had a level 35 account hit even Mogul without camping it for an extended period of time & that's a false assumption because that's not how it worked. I myself understand where you're coming from but realistically doing such a short length of time is just insane. Now if a player goes inactive yeah that makes sense to start taking some of their cash even if you have to start eating into their bank & if they reach $0 and still not playing then shut the account down, simple enough solution in my opinion but that's using logic & thinking realistically.

Don't make sense

its easy enough to build your income up on your mini,if u know how to play the game especially if u have friends to help you :))

How about income stops if you don't log on at least once in 24 hours to claim your income. That will stop people from camping an account for months at a time.

The game already stops production from BUSINESSES if your account is not active for 3 days... also we have recently updated the max loot amount from attacks which was meant to avoid/reduce such scenarios. Thanks

Omg so ur 2 blame! Grrrr wondering why on earth i couldn't hit trillion no more lmao. Sad thing is i was camping 4 a year but was still active doing missions & bosses. Devs admit it u stuffed up
Attack them- take their cash- then attack daily- they can either arm up or cry
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