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stop the fake war and tournaments cheater !

devs you really should do something abouts the cheater in tourny using fake war and trading

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Please let us know if you have any specific change which could reduce such cases. We are looking into possible gameplay changes which can achieve that... thanks for the feedback.

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One way. 1) Disable proxies that try to send access to the site / view and give them a error page to force them to use their local address - disable tor nodes so no “mini” account / fake account can take place. 2) Limit the access of how much a single IP address can create an account.. Basically forbid masking your IP. Incapsula Services have made a firewall that forbids any proxy traffic to load on the site due to people launching Proximized Denial of Service attacks that randomized headers and user agents to make it seem like a “ShotGun Attack” / Unique machines like normal users.. Maybe this could help but I think it would need to be looked more further in to depth.

Thanks for the feedback.

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