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Exchanging diamond gear

I've been playing this game for awhile and have spent a decent amount of money, I think we should be able to exchange and diamond gear we have purchased for full price instead of half. I bought a lot of my (quads, mines, lotus) before yall came out with special holiday mercs, weapons, armors, and cars so it would he greatly appreciated if I could return diamond gear for full price to substitute for the holiday gear. Thanks.

Maybe not full price.  You can rarely return anything for free unless it is very close to the purchase time but a 50 percent restocking fee is on the extreme high side.  Should be more like 5 to 10 percent.

The diamond gear has no extra overhead like the upkeep for normal weapons... that pretty much makes them life-time addition to the strength of the account without no additional cost. The only time it has a burnout is when you do sell them... even that percentage is much better than that of normal weapons  which has 10-20% return rate. We are just trying to make a fair balance between the diamond and non-diamond players. Thanks for understanding. 

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