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Hi Devs you should put in xp points in the
casino as well as money to win and chip as well then it would be better so what you think Devs....

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Or at least up the prize. 10 billion is a joke.


And +1 for Formidable, the 100billion prize is the only one who worth it. (and maybe the 50bilion prize for some players :P )

And this one devs no reply back to make the casino better it still the same it boring devs low money to win and I think trying to get 777 win you got no chance to win 777 update the casino or remove it

We do have a number of players winning the jackpot in the casino on a daily basis... but its purely on chances and you can force a win even with large number of spins... but thats the way its supposed to work,

In the next update, we will show the most recent jackpot winner in the casino interface itself to make the chances more visible. Thanks

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