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Battlecry servers and loading times

In-game Iam having trouble loading up the homepage as well as different tabs, during wars the app does not refresh on time for the countdown and sometimes just freezes. occasionally the app does not load whatsoever and Iam left  with a loading icon for up to 6 minutes. It is not an issue with my wi-fi as all other sites are working fine. I see other people are having the same issue. Please look into this. Thanks.

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What's the problem with battlecry today 2 28 17 won't load nothing wrong with my internet. ??????

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Come on Devs sort it out was ok but since you changed the game start up imstruggling to open it and all my other games are ok

We have done multiple upgrades since the request was raised..... hope its working better now.


The issue was later resolved.


maybe try to fix lag?

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