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Hey time for change, what good does it to get to a new respect level, when then you go to operations/turfs to just find gangsthat are in numbers ten times higher. Example a respect level gang from 1-10 when you go to turfs you have no choice but to fight gangs at 85-200 respect levels. HOW DO U CALL THAT FAIR. yOU ARE TAKING THE FUN AWAY FROM GANGS. i HAD SO MANY JOIN ME AND THEN WHEN WE GET A LITTLE MORE RESPECT THEY LEAVE KNOWING WE CANT FIGHT GANGS 10-15 OUR SIZE.

Why would we spend money on diamonds when they are useless against the big gangs. Time to make levels for all respect, like 1-5 6-10 etc at least that way they have a chance to enjoy the game. So the bigger gangs stay in their world and the smaller in theirs. Both operations/turfs. should have respect levels to keep it fair.

I agree. U gotta make it fun for lower level gangs and let them stand a chance of participating in tourneys. And the tier proportions are biased to higher levelled gangs advantage. Also agree on turfs having tiers as well as ops. I think tier respect levels should be 1-10. 10-20. 20-30. 30-40 etc

Strong high lvl players can be in small gangs

But them gangs with stronger players would move up to next tier more quickly then the gangs without the stronger players which in turn will still give weaker gangs a chance. :)

Yes, you are correct, Elvis. Eventually, this will happen.

But the underlying question here is not whether to "accommodate the lower levels" so much as "how many gangs should have turfs/ops".

The point of turfs and ops is not that you SHOULD have them, it's that it's something to fight for, something to build for, and to build towards. Because I will promise you that even if you have a set of operations for every 5 respect levels, people will STILL complain that they can't hold turfs because reasons. You need to realize that it's not meant for everyone to hold a turf/an op - only those who really commit to it, either by purchasing diamonds or by building for it, or both, should have a chance to hold on to it. It's natural selection, if you can't hold a turf, you're not worthy of a turf. This is equally true for ALL gangs.


But without being able to hold turfs/ops a lower level gang isn't enjoying all aspects of the game, they can't compete death matches, hold turfs/ops, compete in tourneys etc... and because a new gang is so far behind the leading gangs, its unlikely that they will ever catch up. So putting tiers on all turfs/ops and even death matches would open all aspects of the game up to all gangs of any respect level :)

"But without being able to hold turfs/ops a lower level gang isn't enjoying all aspects of the game"

So everyone needs to win in order to enjoy all aspects of the game? I think it's the other way around, the game is in the chase. To try and beat other players by playing hard and setting (and reaching) goals.

I agree that tiers on deathmatches could be a good idea, but I don't think putting more tiers on existing ops is something that should happen anytime soon.

If I joined DTM today, I wouldn't see much point in it as I would be so far behind, that I might as well give up before I even start lol. New gangs will never be strong enough to hold turfs, win death matches or be successful in tournaments, so what would be the point? Tiers solves this problem :)
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