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Gang wars made easier and more competetive!

Heya fellas, it's Danny again, i know i haven't posted for a while but i have a tremendous idea in my mind which would take the gang wars experience to a whole new level. Before i start this I'd like to tell you that it's been a long time since i quit, but love the game, love the dtm fam, stay awesome guys let's keep the game growing. So yeah since that's out of the way, i was thinking, that a lot of times, people find it hard to find good wars and a fighting chance(a lot of people are going to hate me cause of what I'm about to say next) but yes we all know everyone has feeder accounts gangs (gangs used to do fake wars for money and respect) so yeah to avoid that here's the idea:- The basic stats of a gang shouldn't be its respect level, it should be the overall of the players in it (psst, you wouldn't see a badass gang with a little 10 year old in it and going with them in gang wars now would ya?) Lol well duh, same way you wouldn't wanna see a a gang of level 10s fight with a gang of level 100+ members, yeah that'd be weird as hell guys. So basically what devs do is, form an algorithm of taking out the mean value of every gang member's income and level and add em and use it as gang reputation, this way more high levels with high income ya have your gang has more reputation. (Sounds hard for the devs eh? Not really guys they're smart) Devs can use the same level algorithm they use for players they do in fightlist! Ta~da! Yeah, use the algorithm used in fight list with a mean value of income, add the value you get for each gang member and add em for total rep. And if you were wondering if that was my main idea..... No it wasn't lol The main idea is to use that rep to match up gangs for gangs fight! Sounds awesome? I know it does! Instead of shouting in shoutbox looking for easy war, just click automatic war matchup button and wait for 24 hours, after 24 hours your war starts with an equally matched gang, so it's basically down to your skills finally! So yeah, if you liked the idea, please like the post and leave a comment! Good day dtm world.................. I would like to drop another note here. Since some of the gangs challenge each other for a fight and don't wanna get matched up against other gangs, you know, when people fight and say "war my gang loser, imma pwn you!" Lol. Well there's a way to overcome that, and that is my other idea for this post. Including the different types of deathmatches and turf wars, there's not lots of wars which can be seen by others, like if someone wars a feeder secretly, you'd never know! So to overcome that I'd like to drop the idea for a new feature called "ShowDown" it's a part of death matches and turfs where 2 gangs that want to fight drop a certain amount of money and fight each other and like turfs it shows up on the showdown fight screen, the highest no. Of showdowns possible at a time should be 3 or 5 or well something like that, so people still have the feature of fighting other gangs they want but it's on display for everyone to see and keep track of! Anyways drop comments below and lemme know what you guys think

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For players who didn't get the algorithm part, here's a little explanation. See when you click the fight list you see players that are near your level right? In the same way using it to compute an individual gang member's power and adding all of their powers(idk what else to call it if not power pfft) you can get the overall power of the gang, and then again using the algorithm used in fightlist use it to find wars for gangs. Hope that helps. Stay awesome dtm bros!
Also, read my idea about DTM boss world raid posted a few months ago and give it a thumbs up! Thanks

I commented about this on another topic but I couldnt really explain my idea well but your idea is somewhat similar to what I was thinking. I like it more fair wars

I only suggest what is possible and can be done without modifying the whole game, fun for the players as well as developers.
No one wants to wait 24 hours to start a war.
To war, you have to send a request, and the other people have to accept, that takes time, besides in general finding a war suited for your level is hard, and if you're too war hungry, try turfs, no rep restrictions there.

Matchmaking is nice. I would not want to wait 24 hours for a war, though :p

Like big games do (those that have matchmaking), where the waiting time to match you against someone with your approximate skill expands or contracts depending on how many are in the waiting queue would be nice. I.e. If 50 gangs are in the waiting queue, the approximate waiting time for your gang might be 5 minutes. If 500 gangs are in the waiting queue, it would be closer to 5 seconds.

So an instant war would be best, in my opinion, but overall, good post. +1.

Yeah i was thinking about that today, but it kinda felt awkward for a while thinking how the matchmaking cue would give a perfectly accurate result in such a short time, so yeah it's just upto devs, my plan is to give em a layout, they work on it and make it more awesome lol.
Edited the play post including the new idea i came up with, read it, and let me know in the comments what you guys think.

Well I thought you would join the match queue already knowing what the expected wait time would be.

And on top of that, there would absolutely be a 5-10 minute window before the actual war starts, just like there is now.

heck yeah

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