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Ok.... I know you guys and girls have seen these golded out players but come on and get real devs. I find I VERY hard to belive that 1 someone will dump close to 10 grand (us dollars) into 1 account . Ok lets be hypotheticial. So the units aren't glitched or acquired via hacked I tunes or google play cards ... how does someone in less then 45 days go 133 levels ( and counting) come on be real you have a very big problem that will get out of hand and not only ruin battlecry but will take dtm with it .. do something fast . My thought on it remove all gold units from all players . Refund the gold to use for ammo cash which they will need alot of haveing to actually arm with upkeep . And get this game back on track .. of watch it fall to peices.

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Yes these gold players needs to be stopped. It's no reason for us normal players to even try to play cuz off these cheaters. Herd that if you buy full gold possible on your credit card and report it stolen you won't get charged for it and keep the gold. Maybe this is a thing to stop
I agree mate and look what Devs have done yet another bloidy gold unit how are we meant to compete with all that its just pure greed and like ive said before I cant see me wanting to bother carrying on cos I play to win and I get through enough gold warring so looks short term my BC gaming Devs don't give a dam about the builder and long termers and I hope that someone gets a glitch sorted teach these rich assholes a lesson
I'd just like to say that I think you expecting everyone to follow suit and buy the gold units well its not gonna happen and there's still no equal units to match those gold acct cheats its a joke and Devs should concentrate on us builders that play regular and are (maybe,not sure ?) in BC for the long haul was WW player for nearly 5 years and I'm looking around now for a new game and I'd gladly leave BC let the Gold members war each other

are any of you taking into consideration the cost of the servers it takes to run BC.. the cost of the web designers who built this exact forum you are talkin in? the salaries of the help desk employess who try and assist you with your problems? how exactly do you expect to play this game if BC isnt generating any income.. heres the real problem.. leeches like you who refuse to pay a dime towards a game you like to play, but come in here expecting the Devs to bend over backwards to make the game more suitable to you cheapskates who arent even spending money... do you ever stop and listen to yourselves? "Im not going to help you pay your employees, Im not going to help you fund your game or servers.. And I want YOU to FIX it where nobody else can either"... I mean come on, seriously, grow up and think before you open your mouth.

Premium UNITs are part of any game's mechanics... it BATTLECRY we tried to keep the affect of the GOLD UNITS controlled by limiting it to certain CLASSES only... also the normal players have the option to equip very large number of normal units which can effectively counter the premium units,

We will continue to keep the parity between both the type of players and their benefits... thanks for understanding.

@ Iceman C'on brother really Dynamicnext is slacking. Surely we can see the types of server they use aren't costly, what overhead personly I think dynamicnext should hire more agents. I could go into detail but will it make a difference? Yes the technical issues in battlecry is slacking. I do admit the game is a awesome idea but it is sure out of hand in my opinion and 100's of respected gamers across the world. I am watching peeps leave bc it's a shame. DYNAMICNEXT PLEASE STEP UP AND FIX THE TECHNICAL ISSUES. I have the time and the money to make a beast account but not if I have lag, cash, units, gold, income, etc disappearing because of whatever reasons are on bc's end... Yes I spend real money on gold
This is what killed this game. Turning a blind eye to the obvious gold cheating going on. This original post is from 6 years ago. Nothing has been done to correct this in 6 years!

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Was loving the game. But the gold players are hacking gold. I'm lvl 69 and can't beat a lvl 24 with over 200 of everything that dev put out for gold... come on now. I spend 10 to 20 dollars every so often but thousands of dollars in a lvl 24.
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