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property calculator

please add a property calculator like the 1 in mafia wars , would be great 2 know which propertys 2 buy to get best value

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How do i copy the link or anything it just brings me to the sheet but has no save feature or anything

I don't own an iphone, so I really can't help you.

But it's an excel sheet, so if you can find something that can open excel sheets, you should be on your way.

@r0lento That's where you select what equipment you plan on having. The box below will tell you what that loadout will cost you and how powerful it will be. It seems you have already figured it out, though?

He can some one help me with this .. it dnt tell me which property to buy just say#value! and #div/0 ?
Im lvl 16

Minutes to spare is exactly what it sounds like. The boss timer is 2 hours, if you want to beat him/her in 1 hour and 55 minutes, you type "5" into Minutes to spare.

Energy needed is how much starting energy you need to kill this boss. You have 55 and you only need 6, therefor, you can beat it without refilling with diamonds.

Diamonds needed will only show when the energy needed is more than your Max Energy. It shows you how many diamonds you must spend on refills to beat the boss.

Will that thing work for android phones ?

No problemo

Anyway to use this on a iphone?

I made one myself a long time ago. It's already on this helpdesk, somewhere. Here it is again;

(45.5 KB)

Thanks for that Formidable. Ive been meaning to do one of those but I never got the time to do. thanks a lot

It's because you don't have certain businesses. It only works flawlessly when you have at least 1 of all businesses. You can still use it though. The highest number in the list where all the #VALUE and #DIV/0 are, is the most valuable one. For you it seems to be Garage at 171.

So the highest number wins on that list u talking about. Ok hopefully i got it thanks very much sir. It was mind challengeing lol

Here's a newer version, with drop-down menus and stuff.

(21.1 KB)
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