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A bit of changing in classes

The hustler has 2 passives wish are getting more money on attacks you win and make the time for the next income 45 mins instead of an hour, What am pointing at is all the other classes only have 1 passive wish are as a fighter you get you're energy faster and as a runner you get you're stamina faster, why don't you add a second passive for those 2 classes lets say like, for the runner give him like a 10% to double mission in a cost of 1, And as a fighter 10% to double hit for 1 energy

Think of it this way,

HUSTLER: 1) Advantage of Cash generation.. 2) Advantage on Cash Loot 

RUNNER: 1) Advantage on MISSIONS.. 2) Advantage on ASSIGNMENTS

FIGHTER: 1) Advantage on FIGHTS.. 2) Advantage on BOSSES

Point well made..   Never really gave that thought but yeh you gotta point tho..

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