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BattleCry ideas......

Have an interactive map for each country where all players of one country can communicate and trade items and ideas at an outpost

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We have implemented a similar concept "U.N COUNSIL" where the ALLIANCES can talk for recruit, war etc... no trading though

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We are having a lot of trouble with delay in commands. I'm using a iPhone 6+ But in a war the opponent can hit us 6or7 times before I hit a single time. As You can See I do Buy large amounts of Gold Bars but when we changed from one team to amother I lost all My Gold Bars please check this out. Thank You Ira Borchardt

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Please do something about the higher levels being able to do what they want. I find that it's no hope for the new players/mid levels, why should a level 71 be able to take a lvl 40 off the strike list just because your infamy is 150%? I notice that the higher level alliances use this to their advantage by placing strikes on you until your infamy is high enough to be attacked by someone in their alliance that usually 30 to 31 levels higher than you it's not a fair fight. Stop these 100+ lvls from being able to place strikes 100+lvls down, us lower levels cant afford to be placing strikes on higher lvls it's a piece of cake for them to place strikes because they can afford it. I think the attack range should be 10 lvls up/10 lvls down to be fair. Only allow lvls that are 30 lvls higher than you to counter strike to bring some balance to the little guy.

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