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Several ideas for new features

I think it would be cool if you added a gang bank, one for diamonds and one for cash, and add in some new features to where you could use the cash after you build up a lot by having each member donate to add more gang slots, and buy some arsenal items, say you could make it cost like 500 billion for the first slot upgrade and first arsenal item, and make them increase with the more you buy. Another idea to improve the new airport thing you added, is to make it to where you have to be a certain level to unlock more places to travel, and only be able to attack people in the same region as you (excluding gang wars). Also relating back to the gang bank feature, you could in gang bosses and gang missions, where you have to pay like 500 billion to unlock tier one of them, and make the price increase as you beat them and unlock more. You should also add some special territory gear, I think it would be cool to have a reward for being able to go somewhere that people who haven't unlocked it yet cannot. Just some ideas I had to improve my favorite game on the appstore, thanks for your time!

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About the bank, so there aren't any feeder accounts, you could make it to where it's a donate only sort of thing, that way you can buy the special gang stuff I talked about :)

Feature can be easily misused via fake accounts...

About city specific fight list... as of now there is no need for a player to stay in LONDON or RUSSIA for long... as long as they are done with the missions, they can come back to US... that makes the UK fight light very limited with too few players available.... also making it a hiding-place.

I like it they should add it
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