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No income while in Retreat

I have a suggestion that I believe will add an exciting new dynamic to the battle board.

I am currently level 94 and the battle lists are very limited and i expect it will be even tighter the higher the levels get,.

The current tactic employed is to battle your life away so you stay in retreat so you cant get attacked. This is a defensive technique and it shortens the available players even more.

I suggest that while your life is below 20 and you are in retreat your income will stop building up. This will encourage people to battle more and not hide away. When you are decimated while not playing you need to log onto account to restart the timer.

While in a war scenario you will earn money for wins and as you know many wars are staged for this reason it keeps the main account holders big players in retreat and safe from attack whilst achieving prestige points.

This tactic is certainly not war like and I believe a sight adjustment will create a floodgate of new battles. I believe a beaten player should need to heal to start earning.


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We have updated in such a way that for doing the OPS, you have to repair your UNITS and get out of retreat.

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