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There is no assignment or anything that allows any of us to achieve the next bank balance... You can achieve small fish , then you cannot get billionaire as there is nothing in the game that let's you achieve this !!! You should add an assignment for this!! Also 20,000 fights won or the rep known as terminator is easily achievable! You should create a new rep for that category!! This will add a few extra skill points for players!! Thanks for your time ;)

Your bank balance limit goes up when you level up. So everytime you reach a new level then your bank amount increases as well.
Thanks for the comment bobby, I noticed that , but it's extremely slow this way... When are we gonna be able to reach billionaire? Level 300? Or higher ? Cuz I'm still a far ways of from reaching billionaire and I'm a level 200 on downtown mafia..
There is an assigment that gives you a lot of % on income.
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