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With the change in loot, I believe we need a new business to fill the gap between the 350k and 500k industries.

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If new businesses ever do get added like they have been requsted for so many times. Allow the profit to raise along with the intrest. When a business starts at a couple of million to max then turns into several bilion to max. Then the profit rate should increase as well. You've made it where gangs are missing tournaments because they have to camp through 1 or 2 of them just to keep up with the competition. Camping is a lot harder to advance because of the high levels can't afford 50 billion to max out a ufc that only gives you a little over 12 million so they turn to farming. So devs make the game enjoyable again instead of frustrating.

Haha, sure thing ;)

Like I said, it might be needed after the next addition of new items, and new items have been added since then...

We had new loot. New weapons. Maybe its time for new business? Mr formidable?
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