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Hello Devs, There are few suggestions for this game.. 1. Include two more colors in tournaments to avoid the same color wars in Death match or stop giving any color... Let all gangs get points for winnings over rival gangs. Gangs will get the points after winning from any random opposite color.

2. As i can se that only top guns can only reach to Aces or legends because of turf collects and operations.. So if u can put the Tier Rule in turfs also then there will be some chances for strong low level gangs to collect good Tags..

3. Please give the strength of golden tags instead of these normal tags to create more interest for more participations..

4. Increase the tournament award money.. so that gangs will do gear up with billions to earn the good award money of tournament....

5. Give a chance to reset the skill points after spending like 200 to 300 diamonds.. This options of resetting skill points will help to plan the strategies of beating and getting the strength against rivals. I m playing DTM from 1 year..& I have seen many profiles stopped playing this game because of mistake they did in stats.. they dont get good gangs to join and to avoid the redevelopment of profile they do camping and slowly slowly stop playing this game..

5. Bounty count should be equal to the Hit Counts on the people.

Guys its a wonderful game u have created.. please try to think over my suggestions and do the programming accordingly to create more interest. Loot money changes u have done is a very good change to avoid campings.. I am a big time gamer and played several games.. this one is my favorite one. Stop giving free diamonds to people every time. Let them buy small packs of diamonds for their uses.

Note: Resetting Skill points will attract so many gamers to invest in diamonds and make their profiles as per their strategies.. DTM is a game of strategies and power. Various age groups are plying DTM. Mistakes are very common to happen when players start this game.. but after few month they realize their mistakes. and then very few people like me do resets and play again. but mostly stop playing it and goes in camping modes..


I love it man. I hope this get planned
Hi Devs, how about a few more suggestions for the game... #1. Reducing the hit n run length of war times to around 30 mins, #2. Remove the hit listing time and set a maximum amount of times a player can be hit in a day, #3. Reduce the bounty for hit listing a gamer, #4. A gamer cannot remove his pinned posts from another players wall only unpinned posts.
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