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casualties of war.

In war there are losses of great great magnitude. When I get decimated or decimate someone, there is no real loss my health comes back and money still coming in. In a normal battle maybe not as much, but in decimation. A loss of units would also add a a factor to the game that could even out some of the differences between levels. Such as loosing units you would have to then rebuild your army. Weather or not the winner gets them as loot or not makes no difference. But the ability for a lower level to repair his health and army at full strength for each each attack on a higher level player that lets say is torturing them. The ability to wear them down to get a win or even decimate them would be sweet. In the wars between alliances all members are open season , when avenging a alliance member there is no level restrictions , so if a couple lower levels could get together and beat down a higher level that would be fullfilling achievement as well as revenge. Its probably crazy but I had to mention it.
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We have implemented DESTRUCTION UNITS  (MISSILES) which gives a similar game play strategy... destroying normal units during battles may be too difficult to handle.

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