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Market or Drugs (Both)

We need drugs or some type of hustle in Dtm we can sell to other gangs...... Like pep this.... Whoever(gangs ) want to hustle they gotta buy in to The Man,or ,DEA ,CIA ,Cartel,or something.... So then they give u some type of products, Drugs,equipments,etc. You work out with ur gangs sell to other gangs for different types of stuff that help ur gang n street ... Kind of mixes match situation, Where they got what u need an want vice verses you got what they need n want... Only work for those with The,money or in some cases DIAMONds... However The gang would need a bank,or stash house and functions to guard that spot. However this maybe alot to think about, But in real life Gangs about money,Power, Business. I just feel there should Be much more than fighting ,more value to have a gang.... In order for all this to work you need a Market for trades ,Casino stuff like that... Let me know Devs what u think

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