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Making purchasing things easier


Quite a, hopefully, simple thing to implement.

When buying items in bulk. We click on the image to go to the 'select amount' screen. After clicking 'buy' it then reloads the inventory page. Any chance you can stop this happening and have it so that when you want to return to the inventory page you have to click 'back'?

The reason I ask is that when I equip for riots I like to buy 50k Molotov Cocktails, I accept that buying them in 99's is the maximum each time, but having to scroll back down the inventory list and selecting the picture again is a massive timesink when buying items in this much bulk. Being able to to click minus (to put counter at 99) and buy, then rinse and repeat that one action over and over is going to make things a lot smoother for everyone, not just my Cocktails, but even for someone arming up 1000 Armour plates or what-have-you.


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Good Suggestion. We will consider it.


Good point until you said this I did not realize how much I disliked scroll back down. I agree with this idea 100%
I agree with idea, jus bugged that its vin not jim. Why seperate names for creator comments when its an alias anyway?

We have raised the max-count from 99 to 500... should make things easier for heavy buyers... also the interface scrolls down automatically to the item thumb after purchase.

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