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buying method for equipment

Can you change it so that we can buy our equipment (weapons, armor, and vehicles) in multiples like we buy businesses instead of one at a time. It will be so much faster

Try clicking on the image of the equipment, instead of the "buy"-button.

Ha...thanx. all this time I didnt realize that...smh
Can we get an option to type how many we wanna buy? So say u want ur whole mob to have one item stead of keep buying 99 you can just type 1000 or whatever. Still keep the drop down arrows, but u can click the number and type how many you want
Yeah...that too^^^^

It will be exploited.

I know because I used to exploit it back when there was no limit ;)

If I have 1 million income and have armored up my guys as much as I can, let's say 999,500 in upkeep. I could buy 1000 FN MINIMI SPW before going into a deathmatch or a big war, and then sell them right after. Being in debt before the income clock actually hits zero doesn't really matter, and it still doesn't matter if you have cash left after buying the weapons if you're not afraid of losing a couple of million.

That's why it's limited, and it will probably stay that way. However... I don't see a reason to why we can't sell more than 100 of something. Maybe a "Sell All" button?

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS
My innocent mind dint even think of that one! I'd settle for a sell all button tho
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