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hacked accounts and bots

It seems more and people are using bots and hacked accounts these days..i have sent dozens of screen shots to you of these people but yet theres nothing been done about it...If bots and hacked accounts are legal u need to make everyone aware of these things so we all can have or use one..And if not..u need to get off your ass annd start banning people already for cheating

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We do have auto detection in place for such actions... will try to improve it over time.

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How do you prove an account has been hacked?

How do you prove a bot is being used (besides if the account gets caught by the existing automatic anti-bot system)?

Maybe you should show some fucking humility and not act like it's no big deal when you clearly have no clue what you are talking about? 

And this is not a feature request. This is stuff for a ticket. gtfo.

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Something (software) that plays the game for you.

Like fighting people every 50 seconds, doing missions when you have stamina, auto-pastes codes on walls, etc.

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That's crap. I hope devs got sum decent bot detecters then. Buy diamonds people!!! Thanks mr formidable

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Somebody on face book said this is how you know your acct is being hacked. Not sure I am downloading screen shot not sure if just a glitch or more.

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Facebook needs to deal with the hackers not devs they make Facebook pages and names that's not even use shake my head leave devs and Jim alone

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Im clueless and just out of curiosity what's a bot?

ok i think we should all get a bot or start giving us 1,000 diamonds a day

hacked game

I don't think using a program to paste many codes would be cheatin as that kind of thing can benefit all of us to get many mobs. .. I haven't used one myself but have seen the same user paste many codes on my wall before and rather liked it because I could click add on every one.

itmay be cheating

its cheating

How can I buy diamonds if the pin on my debit card is not accepted by DTM devs give us a way to buy diamonds easily
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