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1 time skill point redistribution!!

Any1 feel as I do that devs should implement a 1time skill point redistribution instead of resetting?? They Could charge say 1000 diamonds n make it like you can only do it once in a 3month period to avoid the hardcore cheats..

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1000 Diamonds is way to much to charge that it would be easier to reset maybe 100 diamonds to reallocat points i believe would be fair must take into consideration people that can't afford 1000 diamonds

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100 gold would be reasonable, but I do agree.

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Micheal ,, redistribution of SP simply means that you ,, or whoever as chosen wrong !! Your mistake not ours !! Be more diligent in your choices !!
Here "ed" I know what the phrase "skill point allocation means" you don't have to teach me English,as for chosen wrong;> maybe: what about all the others out there that had chosen "wrong" shouldn't we b able to rectify that no!!! Most apps like this allow this feature for a 1of payment in a given time period?? Shouldnt dtm move forward too...and just think!! There's millions of accounts out there that have chosen "wrong" they would make use of the feature therefore putting "food on ur table"...

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I agree with Michael. It would mean more income for Devs pocketbook if a one time do-over was granted for a specified amount of diamonds, say 100. Then players wouldn't have to reset. It sounds like good customer service to me. And on the topic of "making the wrong choice" how are newcomers to the game supposed to know how to make a right choice straight out of the gate? 

I'd like this to happen. My main has loads of stamina points that are jus sitting there now and i can put em all on attack :)

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Simple you build your acct to win if you get it wrong tough. I only agree this to be an option if Devs start changing the game stats with allies per level and units as they did early last year so live with it and build
poor idea, let me max out my ammo to do feds real quick then ill switch back my sp after im even stronger than before. RESET time sorry...


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Pathetic idea, just reset like the rest that want to fix mistakes. This would be exploited and the Devs have already stated they won't implement this.

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Can't be implemented as it would imbalance the game irreversibly if a very high level player use to it put everything in attack or defence.

The option was avoided intensionally because players will choose to put the whole skill under attack or defense which will completely imbalance the system... making the cost really high can't solve this.

Also, conceptually you can't change the skill of your army once its already trained/deployed...

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1000 would be reasonable givin the fact that so much work is done to get to the high lvls,if cheaper it would be abused plain and simple.
Lol cant be done,its all a learning experience 
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