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I have an idea that can be included in battlecry. What if there is a some kind of group battle under the battle tab or game tab. It will be like alliance but it will be randomly grouping participants in the same range against one another, each group could consist 5 members, each members will have different functions like fighters(those who believe they have superior attack units and ammo), healers or sweepers or whatever(those who believe they have better defense units and supplies to reinforce other members of their team). The supplies will reinforce in ammos and health packs with the calculation of your choice. No outposts, No tactics, No drills, just UNITS and perhaps skills since skills consists ammo, supplies and health also. In group battle mode, hp, ammo and supplies will not regenerate as they will always be full at the beginning of every group battle match. There will be a winner when all members of opposition team are dead. The reward will be addition of a individual stakes shared among the winning team. Another type of group battle is a tactical battle which also involves two teams with 5 participants of the same range randomly drawn against each other with one to two minutes to decide their arrangements. It will be like a one vs one battle. The first members of each group battles and the victor faces the second member of the opponent's group and the victor faces the next member of the opposition. All members have the same ammo and health as no skills, no drills, no outposts will be involved in this group battle. Just tactics and units. The reward will be the same as the first type of group battle. The first can be named SKILLS BATTLE and the second, TACTICS BATTLE. No xps will be acquired as it is just a game. The stakes shouldn't be much so that the reward will also be small and It won't keep players away from playing tournaments and supremacy wars. Remember to put comment walls that will be cleared after the each battle. A star button will also be effective since it's not tactical to visit other players while fighting so that I can star them and visit them later. I believe this fits the ecosystem of BATTLECRY: World at Wars. I really hope these can be put into consideration and implemented. Notice: this idea is free and I do not expect a payment
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Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, duly noted.

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