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DTM SUGGESTIONS: Transferring, Turn off 24 Hour Wait, DTM Gift Cards, etc,

DTM SUGGESTIONS: 1) Allow Players to transfer "Diamonds", "Money" and "Mercs" ,Etc from one player to another. 2) Turn off the 24-Hour wait from leaving one group and joining another group. 3) Offer DTM Gift Cards online, Facebook & Big Grocery Stores. 4) Remove the "Limited Time Only Mercs" and have those Mercs available all the time, But discount them for a Limited Time.

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I will just create multiple accounts and transfer everything into one account, no one will pay to play anymore, but the second point is great we should be able to join gangs freely without any limitations, gang wars so why do we have to wait 24hours to join another gang

I would like to purchase and send diamonds to my online friends. Can I put their email at the top of DTM website to purchase diamonds and then list my email address for billing reference? I don't see anywhere where DTM or Facebook offers Gift Cards for this game.

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