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Google Play account can't connect

@ Devs, I can't get my Google Play account to activate to this device anymore. It's been 2 days. Name is Kiefboxxx. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks, Kiefboxxx

Same here...all accounts have been disconnected from my device 2 days ago, don't know how that could happen. Could reconnect all accounts but my oldest and very first one "Schnucki".

please help :)

I've got the same problem would be very happy fore some feedback on what's going on.
Glad tosee I am not the only one not able to connect to Googke Play....any update on yne problem yet? User name for Google Play account is Grimbleina
Today the problem seems to be solved. I'm in on my Google play accaunt again 
I need passwords to my accounts I forgot them and need help retrieving them
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