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Treasury limit removal

I had a ticket before about the treasury limit and you gave me an answer saying that if you remove the limit there would be no money to take. Well, that's kind of the point of the treasury/bank isn't it? Which bank would disallow you to deposit more money because you've reached a maximum? (P.S. none) As a BattleCry fanatic I prefer struggling to find money, rather than gaining an incredible stupid amount of money, from one (or 2x) hit. I have a few screenshots which exactly shows the reason I think the treasury limit should be removed from the game. The following users were probably able to maximize EVERY outpost and unit for their level because of how stupid it is how much you can gain, even on low levels. Yes, those are hundred+ billions from each hit. Hope to hear a proper counter argument from you soon, if not I would like to request this as a future request.

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Which bank would disallow you to deposit NO* more money because you've reached a maximum?

A state treasurer who would want currency to remain in circulation rather than in bank vaults. 

Hello BC World. I agree. Treasury Amount without limit. Or atleast create SP-Ops.....meaning, after each completed Op, the higher the limit will be Balanced. Also this way we work for it and earn our higher limits. I would make an Endless SP-Op for allowing steady Treasury limit growth/making each completed/and new begun SP-Op harder to reach each time.
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