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tournament changes

 1.from begin the tournament lock the alliance to accepted new member(all time change mini with main account some alliance)

2.increase the medal power att-def .is too small for account level 200+ and with so much gold spending at wars on tournament can buy thousands gld unit.

3.random start time to avantage all country

4.need to fix the total domination.the hange with 6 teams and random wars is very good.but only few total domination starting every tournament.and same and same teams.uncrease to 30 wins every day but i never se over the 3-4 td in one day.maybe need some changes

5.give unit for more player not top 20 maybe top 50

6.add option like cartel on bc with high payout

7.maybe need to increase more (if not add option like cartel ) the payout of medals.he last change is very good but this payout is too easy to take from only few hits

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