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Apple update 10.2

I updated my iPhone today to ISO 10.2. now Battle Cry try's to open then closes down after 2 seconds. Is any one else having same problem

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The issue was later resolved.

Lousy! There is no update! I'm really becoming irritated over this issue. I want compensation… Serious compensation.
Hi Vin, How's the update going for the 10.2 update problem regards. Derek
I was told almost two weeks ago a update to dtm was submitted already to fix the 10.2 issue But I don't know if it was all my apps that had issues with 10.2 issue have all been fixed but this one :( some even had two updates since I may phone apple see if I can find out anything Getting really frustrated with hearing it will get fixed SOON been almost a month now

@All, we are working on fixing the issue. A new update will be make available that should fix the issue. 

I submitted a TICKET regarding this issue.
My command code - Dr Strangelove Also, I have 100 Billion from Tournament. Help please
(464 KB)
(1.2 MB)
Yes. I have the same problem. I can't login to the game. HELP PLEASE.
What is being done to overcome the problem of BattleCry freezing whilst trying to open & run BattleCry after Apple update 10.2 as it's still freezing when opening to use BattleCry A RESPONSE WOULD BE APPRECIATED
Same problem here
Here is my commander code
(636 KB)
Has any progress been made with BattleCry freezing after update 10.2 was installed on my iPhone
I can't play I ether of there games hope they get it sorted out
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