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Diamond type Race (White hooded race)

Race name: PRIME

Race features: 1)Advantage of Cash generation..2) Advantage on Cash Loot 

 3)Advantage on MISSIONS..4)Advantage on ASSIGNMENTS

 5)Advantage on FIGHTS.. 6)Advantage on BOSSES

This would be a race that includes the features of all 3 races runner, hustler and fighter. The reason i chose it to be white is because of the diamonds. this race can only be chosen after level 100 when you unlock the BOSS RESET in Edit options, price could be 800 diamonds(500 diamonds for normal RESET + 100 for each race).

Why did I make it so costly?: If you were to change your race the whole time it would be very costly too so paying a whole sum at once for everything in one makes it worth it. Also to make it a challenging race to get.

How to get diamonds?:By getting into gangs and doing diamond Tournaments till you have enough or by buying diamonds to do it immediately after level 100.

This is my idea and I think it's great!! I HOPE YOU DO TOO.

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Awesome dude.

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Definitelhy has some interesting merit.

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Its a really good idea but i think the diamonds should be like 3000 bcuz people will be OP if thats only 800. Also it should only be able to be done once in every 5 years...hehe dont want everyone to have it right. I mean you would probably be the first to have that with you coming up with the idea and all.

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Yeah you make a valid point. But i think if the devs take the idea they would change the amount themselves to what they want.Good comment though.

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Upvote please. :)

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