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Get my main account back

I want to get my old account bruno 555544855

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I want my old account back it went yesterday LordDiablo 569 819 788 As you can see I buy regular

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I got my account back I had to get help from DTMAFIA it be came unattached from my Facebook account
Lit disappointed by reply ...I was lvl 240+ !!!accidental delete my old account/ DTM hasn't responded abt 360 days... Thnx Now I'm close to 220 lvl.. And like I said now is possible to add multiple accounts... But before 2-3 years You couldn't help me to return my 1st One...n I've diamond purchase/linked fb&Google... Sht happens....Nevermind
I want link with my main account YOUNG BOSS.....PLS I ACCIDENTALLY REMOVED NUNLINKED IT FROM MY GOOGLE.....need help
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