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Total Dominations

Have tier total dominations so big clans and little clans can't enter together. Change number of teams to three to fill, and only give points for first place. That will stop all the fake warring. Also, if total domination doesn't fill in 10 minutes, make it rotate to the next type.

my idea is change the enter like seek n destroy.all time see couples like zt and bastards of battlecry and give win one team to other.if you in for total dont get in second team when play previous total

Fantastic idea. Only giving points to the winner should reduce the fake wars.

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The next update will have this change implemented... is a domination war was ended cos one of the alliance was kicked out, then the war will be considered as nobody won and no points will be given out.

Please clarify Jim. I don't understand how that would work. Thanks.

 why dont change the rules like my idea?????????????all tournament only fake or normal by accident wars

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