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New things to add to boost gameplay

I think a few new things would boost gameplay and keep the game competitive and entertaining. 1st idea add more axis alliances to fight such as Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, and Cuba. 2nd idea add new campaign style ops that require an entire alliance to cooperate using their supplies to try to complete a team based mission for special pillage units, as a suggestion you could call these missions Team Black Ops. 3rd idea add assignments for individual players to complete for special pillage units that offer boosts such as an income boost, upkeep reduction boost, and attack and defend power boosts like the assignments in DTM. 4th idea I think its necessary to maintain a balance In income/upkeep with all the cool new feds and units recently added a couple of new high level economy units should be added, maybe one could be the International Space Station (available at level 120) and the other could be an Experimental Warfare Technology R&D Lab (available at level 150)
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One thing I forgot update the honors to be more specific such as for income adding Sapper Rank 10 for say 10 billion income, Sapper Rank 11 for 25 billion income and Sapper Rank 12 for 35 billion income. And a day 560 recce collect a day 1000 recce collect for the daily received reports honors.
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