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More income buildings

So I know I'm wasting my time because I know devs you will not add another income building or even adjust the inflation on the ones we have . dropping that much unit upkeep REALLY, you say the game isn't designed to be fully armed... yet we all know that that's everyone's goal is to fully arm not to be unbeatable but to be competitive against the gold player (which when you implemented gold units I said it was a bad idea) that being said it will be a camping game for most players who buy gold... that being said I'd like a full refund on ALL of my gold purchased. as the constant changes in the game have made it impossible for it to be enjoyable.

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Devs really you should add 2 new high level income buildings one for level 120 and one for level 150 they should probably boost income by around 55 million to 120 million respectively. One could be a Nuclear Weopans Testing Facility the other could be the International Space Station, I feel its necessary for you to do this as the new high end units have massive upkeep and adding new income buildings would help balance income / upkeep. Thank you in advance for your consideration great game Deva keep up the brilliant work

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