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I have idea: drug shipments! Each gang can send drug shipments to other gangs and they can invest any amount of money in it the shipment starts traveling to the recipient gang...there's a travel time and while it's travelling other gangs can intercept the shipment and a war starts (same rules as hit and run) if the shipment is less than half way to it's destination the sender gang has to protect it if the shipment crossed more than half way the recipient gang has to protect it if the intercepter gang wins it takes the loot money, if the shipment reached safely the first gang get like 2x of the investment. .and the recipient get money equals the investment. I think it'll be fun feature and will help gangs to work together and build their incomes.plz consider it devs :)

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This is a forum, not a direct link to the developers.  I would guess they are waiting to see how much support there is for your idea before reaching a conclusion all on their own as to it's merits.  Recruit your friends and others who support your idea and get them to post here.

So what does everyone think about this?
I think it's a good idea. Very creative Sami!
Could be abused... Limit would be required.... Decent idea
Yeah maybe
Another idea we could increase gang respect level using diamonds
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