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[suggestion] OPS

We should get 3 skill points after completion of every phase. Moreover completing battlefront all sectors upto phase 4 will get us 10skill points. Also increment in skill points as battlefronts difficulty level goes us up. Eastern Front 1 complete phase - 3skill points 4 complete phases - 5skill points Complete whole eastern front sectors upto phase 4 - 10skill points Same for the other 3 battlefronts. Reason: Because i see there is no point doing ops. It give low money and high exp and no skill points. Overall doing ops at low levels makes you weaker. So by giving these skill points after every phase and completing the full sector will develip intrest in players to do more ops and spend their skill points on supplies otherwise ops and supplies are just waste. Regards, Abubakr 613144502

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Skill points ? I guess we get 6 tactic points not SP but yea im new to this game.
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