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Royal Rumble

Greetings Devs! An Idea I would like to see implemented is to have one tournament a month out of the weekly tournaments arleady in place become a Royal Rumble. The idea would be that 12 hours prior to the start of the Royal Rumble, you (Devs) randomly generates a icon for every player in the game. The symbols could be anything really: grenades, pistols, rifles, boats, etc... but would only have 3-5 total. Then when the tournament begins, the player is teamed with all players in the game with their symbol and fight side-by-side to accumulate points for their team(symbol). At the end of the tournament, all players for the winning team get a special unit or gold bars. This event would bridge commanders and alliances temperarily durring the tournament only and give all players in the game a fighting chance to contribute to the overall points of their team. Level restrictions would remain in place as the game is currently so a lvl 250 cannot attack a lvl 50, however everyone in the game contributes to their teams overall points......?

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