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All loot gears from Missions should come under the Special Armory

All kind of loots from Missions should comes under the Special Armory. this way players will get a choice to select the strong gears in Special Armory by hitting the loot missions. To make the special Armory strong as per the income, Players will hit the Missions to loot the strong gears for their special Armory. Devs please consider my suggestion if you like it. Thanks, VICKtorY 569507149

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We already have most of the loots (including boss loots) in the specials category... moving all mission loots too specials do makes sense.. will surely consider. Thanks

Any progress on this?  Great idea but only if it eventually gets implemented. 

I dont think its good. Per example i can loot the rpg (nice weapon) and get weapons for low income. There is lots of cars as well, what about some armours?
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