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different stages of war

Dear Devs and Fellow Players: idk if this option has presented itself but I'd like to express an idea. u already have over seas areas. might i suggest there be a separate war tournament in those cities as well every tournament. each a higher payout. but each must have committed gangs to that tournament an that country or city. that way we have three lvls of gang difficulty each tournament. this might get the other 80 percent of players more active. cartels could b worked in as well. only move up if ur in cartel. maybe allow so many in each cartel in each lvl. three high lvl warzone three medium and four low lvl. also maybe a shared percentage payout. also maybe fer the boring day before heat mode where almost nobody dm cuz they saving fer heat mode u could allow three on three cartel wars. or battle arena or something. let me know wat u guys all think. kik Jedilast. or email me but i check not as often

There's some good ideas in there dev's.  Might regenerate some of the lost interest.

Ideally we want TOURNAMENTS in a way that any gang can join in any time... if gangs or cartels has to register for TOURNAMENT is a particular city then that becomes a locked system. Also player in one city will not be able to see the tournament or its winner in the other and that makes less visible and kinda less fun?. Thanks for your input

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